does anyone know if the tippman TMC paintball gun can be converted to automatic or burst fire?

i just got a tippman TMC and was wondering if there was a way to convert it to automatic or burst fire

Downunder35m3 months ago

Back in the day when paintball was new new and fancy I did such mods for some guns, so maybe I can shed some light on it for you.
1. The gun itself must able to support rapid fire for the loading mechanism.
No point in wasting money if the thing is unable to feed the balls at the correct speed.
2. In almost all cases this mod is far from easy, you can be lucky on some models but most of the time you are not.
On the old models you could often get the required mechanics from a model that already has burst or rapid fire and only the problem of making them match was there.
Newer models mostly use parts that can't be exchanged with other models anymore due to size and diameter.
3. Pressure control....
For burt or rapid fire you need a gas supply system with an expansion or defreeze chamber.
This means you basically have a reservoir for let's say 10 shots that is used and where the tank feeds into.
A gun with all this features built in will have all this as part of the frame or actual valve system.

I suggest you check the internals of the (semi) auto guns your friends have when you play next time.
Compare to what you have and try to draw meaningful conclusions.
Who know, you might be lucky and find something that you can match up without the requirement of a workshop and lathe.

iceng3 months ago

Wow give a gun to someone and say Gatling ;-)

ColinB96 (author)  iceng3 months ago
What does a gatling gun have to do with the question
rickharris3 months ago

Aparently not - at least Google can't find anyont who has.