does anyone know of a way to make a knex gun fire nerf darts?

like maybe make a big, nerf sized barrel and have a ramrod push the inside of the nerf dart? if you do please say so. also, i would appreciate it very much if you try too.

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NYPA8 years ago
Yes it is.
chopstx (author) 8 years ago
thanks to every one who answered this question, i'm gonna try to make a gun. odds are that it will fail. miserably
Kinetic chopstx8 years ago
Believe in yourself!  That's exactly what I thought when I started my L-SAR, and It ended up working almost perfectly. 
chopstx (author)  Kinetic8 years ago
I kinda gave up on that 5 months ago.
Kinetic chopstx8 years ago
oh, lol I didn't realize how old the post was. 
chopstx (author)  Kinetic8 years ago
That's fine.
aww, i lost best answers :( i thought i gave the most possible ways for it to work...
chopstx (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
Sorry, Nypa's Was what I was originally hoping for.
NYPA chopstx8 years ago
That's NYPA to you!
chopstx (author)  NYPA8 years ago
Okay............. What does that mean? Anyway, I just finished writing up my halloween army man Question and thought you might have the answer, or some of it!!!!!!! Please check it out!!!!!!
oh... that's ok
chopstx (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
i understand, someone else gave u a better answer! its ok, im cool with that :)
chopstx (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
Same here my answer had the same thing as the new best answer. :(
aww, why did you unmark my answer :-(
chopstx (author)  DJ Radio8 years ago
sorry!!! i just like his better!!!! no offense!!!
travw8 years ago
I think this might work better if you slid a knex rod (probably blue) into the dart so that the ram has something solid to impart it's energy to, as the spongy dart would absorb much of the energy that should be propelling the dart forward. I also think that getting the right sized barrel would be a challenge.
travw travw8 years ago
So sorry, I just realized I copied part of knexsniper1's comment without realizing it... Again, sorry.
DJ Radio8 years ago
I dont think it would be possible, as the ram would most likely tear the darts apart. Knex made their own little dart launcher some years back, I used to have one, it shot 5 feet.
try like a rail from a grey rod with a sandard true trigger
knexsniper18 years ago
i think that if any way, you can have a mag of nerf darts and then you can have the ram hit the nerf darts, but there will be nothing in the way to stop the dart. either that, or put a rod through the hole in the back of the nerf bullet, and have the ram hit that. another way is to make the ram hit one bullet, and that bullet can travel farther down the barrel to reache the nerf bullet. hope this helps! ;)