does anyone know what oil is used in making grain of rice necklaces?

There are necklaces that consist of a tiny vial with a grain of rice in them with usually your name written on them. They suspend the rice in a clear oil. I was wondering what oil is used. Thanks!!

mariounette7 years ago
It might simply be a cheap baby oil. I'm getting some this week to try and will let you know as I want to suspend charms inside glass vials
mitcher7 years ago
according to the making process of this website etanro.com/makingprocess.php and the other pictures on the site of the rice pendant and the rice necklace, to me it doesn't look like paraffin. i think it should be some kind of vegetable oil. rice jewlry is an excellent for of art. i love the pieces!
Re-design7 years ago
Mineral oil is clear and won't go rancid. The parafin I can get is slightly orange.
lemonie7 years ago
If it's colourless it's probably a paraffin. L