does anyone knows how to clean or wash the white evaporated stuff on aquarium?

hey everyone! i have a fish tank and the waters always evaporate. does anyone know how to wash out the whites stuff on the side. i tried rubbing alcohol but still the same. if u do please comment it would helop me alot! and if u know a medicine or liquid thingy please commnet the name of the item so i can buy it at my local fish store thanks for looking!! 

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canucksgirl5 years ago
It sounds like your water has a lot of lime in it (i.e. hard water) and its leaving a buildup of minerals on the glass when the water evaporates. Be very careful NOT to use home cleaning products as they can be lethal to fish when even the tiniest residue is left behind. You are better off getting a safe aquarium cleaner to remove the build up; but you can also use full strength vinegar. Just relocate the fish, drain the water and use paper towels soaked in vinegar to cover the white residue. Let sit for about a half hour and then wipe clean. You may need to scrub it a little, but don't use anything abrasive. Then make sure to rinse the tank really well before adding water and re-introducing your fish.
HmOnGbOi (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
thanks! ill try it!
You're welcome. It also wouldn't hurt to find out what PH level your fish need, and use a reverse osmosis filter or something else to soften the water ONLY if the fish are needing the change. Some fish prefer the harder water, and others don't. You can find this information online, or where you bought your fish. Water tests strips can be bought fairly cheaply as well. I know some people even collect rain water for use in their tanks instead of risking chlorinated water from the tap. Then also make sure to regularly change (or clean out) the filter in the tank.
jrh0655 years ago
Lemons work well too! just slice a bit off one end and rub it on the buildup. When the lemon dries take another slice off and keep going.
HmOnGbOi (author)  jrh0655 years ago
thanks! ill try lemon since i got some! then ill try viniger
Vyger5 years ago
Very diluted Sulfuric acid would work if it is a lime or alkali deposit. I would check the PH level of your fish water. You can get test strips and/ or test liquid to check the PH level. If the water is to alkali its bad for most fish (depends on the species). Dilute sulfuric acid is used to balance PH levels in aquarium water so if you don't get it all rinsed out it will be OK. Another possible deposit is salt. If your water has to much salt in it that also will leave a deposit. Keep in mind, as the water evaporates what is leaving is pure H2O, it leaves any minerals behind. If your water has a lot of minerals in it and you continually replace the evaporated water with your tap water the mineral content of the aquarium will go way up. Eventually it will kill the fish. You need to either add distilled water to replace the evaporated water or replace the tank water often to make sure you are not getting to high levels of stuff that is bad for the fish.
iceng5 years ago
Ask your fish people about water creatures that clean glass and can live
through drought conditions ;-o