does anyone now how to make a tazer wiyhout a camer, just simple house hold itams

please help

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bobdole56566 years ago
are u going to pick abest anwser
bobdole56566 years ago
all the stuff shoul be aroun the house like in a phone chager
bobdole56566 years ago
go to raido shach and ask or get instructons how to make a voltag amp u hve to have very low ampreg then add the batterystake two nails and the wiers put the wiers around the nails then glue then to a stick ore somthing lke that rember LOW AMPREG
David976 years ago
Break open a refilible lighter or get a BBQ igniter... take the two poles and put them on the end of a stick with two metal pins.
hobbitboy (author) 7 years ago
COuld you attach wires to a battrie
lemonie7 years ago

u get metal-fings n put in elektrik sokits
hobbitboy (author)  lemonie7 years ago
i want it to be portable and what you sed would hurt like crap
rickharris7 years ago
There isn't any seriously simple answer to this. Sorry.