does coffie tast nice to newbies and if so, what type?

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aeray7 years ago
DON'T try instant first. I drink 2-3 liters of coffee a day, good coffee, and I only resort to instant in dire emergencies, like when I'm traveling in some 3rd world country and it is all that is available. Try Stumptown, if you can get it. Otherwise, go to the best non-chain coffeeshop in your area and ask for some advice and samples of plain black coffee.
Kiteman aeray7 years ago
2-3 litres?

Were you aware that "addict" starts at around 3-4 cups a day?

aeray Kiteman7 years ago
Yep. In the summer I usually have about 1-1/2 liters, but in the winter, working outdoors, much more.

Kiteman aeray7 years ago
aeray Kiteman7 years ago
I couldn't resist.

"I need a fat-free-vanilla-low-fat-crapachino-latte right freakin' now!"

"You're such a wuss."

"But I like 'em."
I think you just need to "cowboy up", and drink it black, pure and unadulterated.

Sure it'll taste nasty at first, but then you'll crave it later. More importantly, your life will not be complicated by all this sugar, milk, sweetener-packet, non-dairy creamer, low-fat, no-fat, mochachino, nonsense.
framistan7 years ago
Good coffee tastes almost like hot chocolate. If it is left on the hotplate very long it starts to get a "burnt" bitter taste. Different brands have different flavors.... I think because different companies roast the beans differently. Folgers is one of the best "non-gormet" coffees.
seandogue7 years ago
It really doesn't have much to do with newbies. You either like it or you don't. Some people prefer coffee black, some with sugar, some with cream (or milk or cremora), some with sugar, some with cream and sugar... Some just don't like it at all and would prefer a cup of tea or pop (you may know that as soda)

I tasted a beer when I was pretty young, maybe 6 or so. It tasted like garbage, and I still dislike beer 45 years later. I also tasted coffee (with milk and sugar) And I still love coffee 45 years later.
caarntedd7 years ago
Make it with hot milk instead of water.
orksecurity7 years ago

This depends on the variety of coffee. Starbucks tends toward particularly bitter coffees. In my experience. Dunkin Donuts coffee is generally much less bitter, especially when you make it yourself using a drip coffeemaker (automatic or filter cone). There are a lot of other choices between those two points, but I'm not much of a coffee snob; I just know what I do and don't like.

You may find that you need to add milk and/or sugar to make it palatable. (Think "coffee ice cream" -- mostly milk and sugar, relatively little coffee.)

If the bitterness is still too much for you, a TINY bit of salt -- so little that you can't taste it as salty -- may reduce that element of the flavor. This is an old restaurant trick for reviving coffee that has been kept warm too long and started to turn bitter as a result. (That, by the way, is often why salt is used in cooking -- it reduces our sensitivity to bitter tastes.)

As implied by the previous paragraph, DO NOT COOK YOUR COFFEE. Old-fashioned percolators did so, and produced bad coffee as a result. Keeping coffee actively heated for a long time is also a bad idea. If you want to make a large pot and keep it around for a while, either keep it in a thermos bottle, microwave it back up to temperature, or drink it cold.

Beyond that: Experiment. Figure out which type, and with what additions, tastes best to _you_. The answer may well be that none of them do until and unless you're addicted to the stuff.
Kiteman7 years ago
It can be bitter to the younger pallet. Try instant with milk and a single spoonful of sugar first.

Then try it without the sugar, then without the milk, then switch to the proper, filtered stuff as your pallet matures.

NatNoBrains7 years ago
Depends what your taste is. If you are younger, generally, you don't like the taste as much. But when you are older, you like it. Just try normal coffee (instant coffee)
Hope this helps :)