does my circuit need any resistors? Is the capacitor needed ?

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Yes, Nice fat 100uF where the power enters your board, with a 100nF ceramic across that, also 100nF on the output of your voltage regulator

drystreams (author)  steveastrouk3 days ago

Thank you! I understand you suggest I put one on the input of the board and on the output of the voltage regulator. What does "with a 100nF ceramic across that" mean? Not being sarcastic but I want to make sure I understand what you mean. Thank you.

Put a 100 nF cap in parallel with the 100uF capacitor

drystreams (author)  steveastrouk3 days ago

Like this? Sorry I'm new to this.

drystreams (author) 4 days ago


drystreams (author) 4 days ago

mistake on diagram. how it really is

drystreams (author) 4 days ago

The blue wire is what triggers the relay from NO to NC. The regulator is an NTE960. I have not had any issues (running for 3 days) with not enough power or regulated power. I will incorporate. Made a mistake on the diagram. Here is how it really is...

iceng4 days ago

By all means daystreams your ecoli incubator circuit aha is here

I do not understand the blue wire to the relay which needs a reactive diode across the coil.. Excluding the heater & relay, each component that uses power needs a filter cap 4.7uF tantalum or electrolytic and a 0.1uF disc or mylar as close as possible.. Especially both sides of the regulator..

rickharris4 days ago

More than likely.

Needs more polishing ICENG.



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