does someone have a runescape account i can have?

i really need a account mine got hacked plz if anyone has a account they dont use let me have it ty :]

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miols8 years ago
yomwack8 years ago
DUde once i remember my password ill give it to you
xdarkxsparkyx (author)  yomwack8 years ago
all right
MegaMaker8 years ago
Sure, the account name is:Heydontaskforthisaccount. The password is:thisisnotreallol
stsrt a new one be a nub
KentsOkay8 years ago
srsly?!?!? I played that for ages an never got hacked, theres warning every where on not getting hacked, im very sorry I have no pity for you
Brother_D8 years ago