does someone know a cool drawing-like pattern to decorate my room ?

The wall is 1m high and 4-5m long it doesn't need to cover the whole wall ty :)

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A tessellation, such as you find in some Islamic tile patterns could give impressive results for a relatively small effort. Fractals like the Sierpinski carpet or Koch Curve might work too.
Tseralyn8 years ago
randomhat8 years ago
Did you want the vinyl decal style, or the paint it yourself style? If you have access to an image projector, like the highschool kind, you can get wicked celtic patterns.
sallost (author)  randomhat8 years ago
i'dd prefer to paint it myself ;)
You might be able to find some kind of wallpaper with a design. I have two 8'x12' walls in my house wallpapered with photographic murals that cover the whole wall. One is a beach scene and the other is a garden.