dog poop in compost?

 is dog poop bad for compost because it isn't plant based?

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blkhawk7 years ago
Not a good idea! Human or animal fecal waste is a source of parasites and other diseases. There are city codes and other ordinances related to the disposal of animal feces. Anything from your kitchen that hasn't been cooked and yard waste is perfect for your compost pile. Please stick with those.
weygold6 years ago
The rule of thumb is: "it only goes into the ground if it came out of the ground." In other words, vegetable matter only.
rickharris7 years ago
Don't put none-vegetable food waste in your compost unless you particularly like rats and flies!!
yokozuna7 years ago
Yes, but there are also a couple of good puppy waste ibles on the site you can check out.
tincanz (author)  yokozuna7 years ago
ok, thank you
seandogue7 years ago
I'd avoid any and all meat byproducts, whether scraps or craps. (Dogs are carnivores, after all) I suppose if given long enough they'd be broken down into retrievable plant nutrients, but I was always told to NEVER compost meat, so one follows from the other.
Re-design7 years ago