dose any one know how to make your guitar look really cool with duct tape ?

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xbagheri6 years ago
I duct taped the pick guard in a checkerboard and for my bass, i used the tyedie duct tape and a good color is yellow and normal grey.
What Eddie Van Halen did to his guitar, was put duct tape on it, spray paint it a different colour, and then remove the tape, so that it had stripes of the old colour left on!
Yeah same thing with t-shirts.
Chicken22098 years ago
duct tape wallet = cool!
duct tape guitar = not cool
pillow v. pillow pillow fight = crazy awesome
I didn't know Demitri Martin was an instructable'r.
no, just a person
dab20001008 years ago
dont mess up a guitar with duct tape,most ghetto thing ive ever heard,just buy a guitar that looks cool
AntiG38 years ago
I thought duct tape fixes everything? Well, don't fix what isn't broken, I guess.

If you really wanted to do something with tape, you can put masking tape then paint over it, but I wouldn't do that unless you remove the finish.
randofo8 years ago
Use gaffers tape. Rip thin strips of varying length. Have the criss-cross in a grid-like thatched manner. Used to do it to work benches in college to drive the professors crazy. Did it to my old laptop and looked really good. Would probably work on a guitar.
I would advise against applying duct tape to any guitar with a cash value of over five pesos. It can harm the finish, leave ugly sticky residue, and just generally make a mess of it. If you really must insist on using duct tape to add a little personality, remove your guitar's pick guard and slap a layer of tape on that. Screw it back on. At least the pick guard is usually replacable.