dose anyone know how to make a black polish for a old cast iron wood stove Tony

The stove is not painted and have removed all rust ect   Thanks   TONY

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Why make it when you can buy stove polish in most hardware stores? If you live in the sticks, order online at someplace like ebay. They always have plenty. Its better then painting it.

capt.tagon6 years ago
Lamp black mixed with beeswax was one method. Lamp black, sugar and water to make a thin paste applied, allowed to dry and then rubbed down with mutton fat was another. Lamp black is basically carbon powder, finer than soot or graphite. Check out the old FoxFire books (Foxfire Magazine) on wood stove cooking.

You'll probably find that the latest heat resistent enamels (800+ degrees F.) are probably preferrable.
As a kid I can remeber my mother using pain ordinary Black Shoe Polish.  I now have a refurbished kitchen wood stove, and I still use Black Shoe polish.  Take an old newpaper, and rub it all over the surface.  Have the stove hot enough to just to melt the shoe polish.
lemonie7 years ago
I should go looking for Stove Blacking or Stove Paint
Blacking is graphite based I believe, paint is a type of paint, so you're going to find it hard to make either.
You might try coal-dust but who knows what that would do...


"Blacking" was the traditional way in the part of England that L. and I live in, but tradition aside, I agree with L. that Stove paint is the way to go if you can take a matt finish.

That said, I can still buy authentic blacking in a local ironmongers.

Re-design7 years ago
My grandmother used to paint her's in the spring with lamp black that she got from the hardware store.  That would keep it from rusting until the fall then the first time she lit it up it would burn off then the cycle would repeat itself next spring.