dry out jetted tub pipes

How can I dry out the pipes in my jetted tub after use to keep them from growing??  I'm thinking maybe using an old computer fan blowing into the intake would be enough...???

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richardtdy (author) 3 years ago

Ok, so my mistake. It is a jetted tub. I hope that clarifies things a bit.

Kiteman3 years ago

Put the pipes somewhere warm as well, say in thevsun

richardtdy (author)  Kiteman3 years ago

Can't very well take the tub out of the bathroom.

I am thinking we don't have the full picture here?

I agree.

Is this tub in the garden or the bathroom? And are we talking bathtub or water butt?

rickharris3 years ago

From growing what?

richardtdy (author)  rickharris3 years ago

Seems to be mold or mildew, that we can see, just inside the intake. I use a cleaning kit monthly or so, but we don't use it that often.