eBook creation software question?

What is the best (free) software for converting word documents with images to an ebook format compatible with the Kindle?

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rickharris6 years ago
I have saved my documents as a PDF and then sent to my kindle. Works fine.

Stanza, Caliber Kindle them selves!!

Send it to your freekindle address and they will convert the Doc file for you (free)
Kiteman (author)  rickharris6 years ago
Oh, I can read PDF files, but reading them lacks the flexibility or reading other ebook formats.
From amazons kindle page

"Personal Document Settings
You can e-mail personal documents to your Kindle's e-mail address. Amazon will then transfer the file(s) wirelessly in a Kindle-compatible format to the related device for a fee. To avoid a fee, or if you're not in wireless range, you can e-mail your document to [name]@free.kindle.com for free delivery via wi-fi or download the files via USB."
Kiteman (author)  rickharris6 years ago
I've tried, and the free delivery doesn't involve conversion.
It appears to say "IN A KINDLE COMPATIBLE FORMAT" What do you get - To be honest I haven't tried to do this (yet)

This may be a help
Kiteman (author)  rickharris6 years ago
I think I will end up going that way (the links to that self-publishing thing were not very obvious on the Amazon UK website).
Kiteman (author)  rickharris6 years ago
Oh, my goodness, I did not know that!
So, have you found a solution which works for you?
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
Not yet, but the need has moved back a bit since I got the new shed (I'd been searching for a project to keep me busy while I'm "home alone").
I'm happy to help, but without knowing what the issue is with the suggestions already put forth, I'm not sure how. Glad it's not as urgent though. :)
Kiteman (author)  Lithium Rain6 years ago
I think the issue is just me not getting on with technology - I've used Calibre, for instance, but the user interface is murky - I'm not sure whether it's doing what I ask, or when it's finished.
Lysias6 years ago
I know this isn't ideal, but I have used a free application called pdf2epub (it converts to mobi too). It would mean you would first convert to pdf though, but it does a great job.
Kiteman (author)  Lysias6 years ago
OK, thanks.
rimar20006 years ago
I don't use a Kindle, use my cheap generic tablet with Android or my cheap generic GPS with Windows CE.

In both cases I read almost exclusively TXT. I think that all word processors can convert documents to TXT. You lose images, that can be a problem in some cases. For that cases I use a PDF reader. OpenOffice can export documents as PDF.
Kiteman (author)  rimar20006 years ago
I have a kindle, and at the moment cannot read word documents unless I convert them to a PDF file, in which case I cannot alter the size of the font to be more readable.
A spanish saying says "en el pecado está la penitencia". Google translates it bad, I think.

It means that some sins have it them own penitence. Your sin was to buy a Kindle. Buy a cheap generic tablet or a cheap generic GPS or even a cheap generic telephone, and you will fix the problem. My daughter has the same trouble, but as the reader was gave it for her husband, she can't discard it... (!)
Kiteman (author)  rimar20006 years ago
I don't need a tablet, because I like a keyboard.

My Kindle goes for weeks between charges, and fits in my pocket. A tablet lasts for... how long? And reading blocks of text on a lit screen gives me a headache.

To me, the "sin" would be to read as much as I do on a lit screen, and the penitence I would have to pay would be squinting headaches.
Tried Calibre ? Steve
Kiteman (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
I have in the past, for converting from epub to mobi, but I found it quite unfriendly - it's hard to see if it's actually doing what I want.

(Oh, I see I have to save files as TXT or RTF from Word, and Calibre's website says the software isn't fond of TXT & RTF...)
Did you read the tutorial ?

Kiteman (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
No, I checked the formats it converts in the FAQ, where is also says that TXT & RTF are two of the three least-efficient formats to convert from.
The tutorial explains how to lay the job out and create an ebook, rather than turning a .Doc into an ebook, if you see what I mean.

Kiteman (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago

You know, it never crossed my mind to create it as an ebook? I can always copy-paste the text and images into it!
I use MobiPocket Creator - it works with kindle (and kindle apps) but you have to copy the files directly to the memory of the kindle using explorer
Kiteman (author)  undescriptive6 years ago
Does it deal with Word documents?
yes it does :)

I'm not entirely sure what versions it will cope with - so save out as 97/2000 doc and it should be OK