electric shaver ideas?

i have an electric shaver but the battery recently burned out, any ideas for what i can do with it or the parts?

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When the battery on my electric razor died, I removed the old batteries, plus all of the components comprising the charger circuit, and installed a 2xAA battery holder in the place of all that junk that used to be there.  Then I wired this new battery supply through the old switch on the front.  Also I cut a hole in the case, to facilitate pulling  the two AA batteries in and out.

So basically the only remaining electrical components are: batteries, switch, motor, and that's a lot more simple than it was before.

The batteries it uses now are two nickel metal hydride (NiMH) AAs, and I charge these, when necessary, by way of an external charger.

Some pictures of this are attached.
I just noticed in the related panel, an instructable
describing pretty much the same thing I did with my shaver; i.e. installing a 2xAA battery holder.
embochner (author) 5 years ago
thanks everyone for your answeres, i appreciate your help
canucksgirl5 years ago
If you just want to re-purpose the parts, then open it up and remove the motor and the gear system. They can easily be re-used in another project. :)
Vyger5 years ago
You might be able to replace the battery. Many rechargeable things are now using standard size off the shelf batteries. It saves them a lot of development costs. So, take it apart and see if they are the same size as a normal double or triple A. If you can solder in a new one you should be good to go.