electroluminescent paint. Is it possible?

After seeing "wire glue" and thinking about my pumpkin and seeing the Halloween contest here it got me thinking about this and google didn't really garner good results. Last year I hacked some LEDs into my pumpkin with 1 pair of cat5, a 9v battery and some hot glue (my in-laws didn't have a soldering iron) to connect it all up. This year I wanted to do something similar with LEDs and was thinking about making my own "wire glue"  which lead to EL paint. Maybe I'll just buy some EL wire and some "wire glue".

Pterosaur5 years ago
Indeed, it is possible:

lemonie7 years ago

What is wrong with candles these days...?

kelseymh7 years ago
Google Is Your Friend. "electroluminescent paint" had decent hits on the first page, including a peer-reviewed research paper on the subject. If you're looking for something you can purchase, it may be a tad expensive...