electronic components online stores cheapest?

What are the cheapest online stores for electronic components like leds, intergrated circuits, boards, and others

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We are a new eshop, selling "new and surplus electronic components, at hopefully the best prices, stocking relevant components for electronics hobbyists, sort of like your local electronics shop did, before it closed down in the 90's."

We are mostly for customers in the EU, (delivery within a few days and no Import taxes), but will ship worldwide. (Delivery 1-3 weeks, depends on what country you are in)

We charge the same price for any quantity - so for example, 5% resistors are £0.01 each, if you want just a few, or you want 100's.


akinich5 years ago
I am selling electronic components on ebay for really cheap prices
i make custom part bag
and i can get requested parts for cheap
shipping depends on the final quantity and mainly to usa
if your interested pm me and i will direct you to my ebay page
kgujar akinich5 years ago

i m looking forward for this kind of business.. if would help me that will be great.

here is my gsm no - 9952968222

waiting for ur call..
electronics goldmine
rickharris8 years ago
Depends where you are ion the world. The internet is a global community.
keydogstony8 years ago
gmxx8 years ago
depends on quantity... if you are going for a few parts, i like to use sparkfun... Otherwise digikey is probably your best bet. however, for some parts, youve got to purchase a quantity of them