error from microsoft word when opening, : This file does not have a program associated with it...?

All office programs will not open and pop up an error according to the appropriate program:

error from microsoft word when opening, : This file does not have a program associated with it, for performing this action create an association in the control panel.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still receive the error

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MS Word file got error message as “The file is corrupted and cannot be opened”, I have crucial important data got lost due to some causes as virus infected, software and hardware malfunction etc, so how to get backup important Word file.

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turammo1 year ago

In your case if instruction from Microsoft Corp. which is situated below can't assist you, apply following resources to get more tips concerning word data restoration



https://www.openfiletool.com/docxopen.html DOCX Open File Tool

If AutoRecover is turned on, try closing Word and reopening it. An
AutoRecover task pane should appear on the left.

Otherwise ...

  • In Word 2007:
    Click the Microsoft Office Button | Open | select
    the Word document
  • in the lower-right corner
    of the Open pane, click Open and Repair

  • In Word 2003:
    Pull down | File menu | select the Word document
  • in the lower-right corner
    of the Open pane, click Open and Repair
verence1 year ago

This is not an error of the office suite, it is an error message from Windows. When you double click a file, Windows takes the extension (doc, docx, xls...) and looks into the registry to find the program associated with the extension.

In your case there seems to be nothing in the registry. Those associations are normally made during the installation. Did you maybe skip this point? It's possible, but only in a custom installation.

you can add these associations manually, but how to do it depends on your Windows version. Try right clicking the file (or right clicking the file while holding the shift key) to get a Open with ... context menu entry. Select it and then select the according program (Excel for xlsx, Word for docx ...) Make sure to check the 'Always use this program to open files of this type'. Done. Works for Windows up to 7. Versions 8 and 10? Don't know.


You may have downloaded and installed a program that reset the file associations, or failed to properly install MS Office (installation normally attaches files correctly). It happens from time to time (on both counts)

Follow verence's advise and you should be fine. Google for how to preform the associaton for W8.x and 10.

There is a reason why people use OpenOffice instead....
If it is not another spam than it has nothing to do with word, but with how it was installed.
There is no way a program like that installs without adding the file associations - at least not without user interference.
Might also help to use genuine software - in which case the MS support would be glad to help.