exoskelten ?

hey guys help me with this i am making a protype exoskelten can somebody give me a hand copying these  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdK2y3lphmE also anyone know where to get d30 

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kevinhannan6 years ago
I think it's time we had a function where we can vote/suggest that some queries are "pie-in-the-sky" or actual real everyday queries. Far too often, there are queries that say pretty much "hey, guys, I've seen an idea, now I've asked the question, you all run along to solve the issues so I can dream about getting rich doing nothing while I think you dorks are going to solve my issues for me"

Sorry for the rant - ban me if you like, but I;'ve had a fill of questions that really are going to go nowhere.
tinker234 (author)  kevinhannan6 years ago
i understand
thank you for your kind and generous magnamity -
I do appreciate it and it shows the gentleman you are ;-)
tinker234 (author)  kevinhannan6 years ago
well acuatly technly to have sivled society no wars and peaace but hey it ok to rant i do it to please forgive my misspel,ling

I don't think that's happening at all.  No-one's going to give the OP detailed plans for an exoskeleton, but they will be given reasons why what they're asking is beyond the realm of the average guy and an overview of what would be required if you really were going to build one.  That tends to be the general case, especially with answers from the more technically experienced regulars. 
As for the more mundane queries, no-one begrudges educating others but where we see obvious school or college projects the regulars will give guidance on what to investigate, but not a 'copy and paste' type answer.

rickharris6 years ago
Interesting idea BUT needs mega bucks to make it happen.

Although we could offer advice/opinion the ione thing we can't give you is a skill set necessary to build something like this - I giuess you don't have those skills or you wouldn't need to ask the open question you posed.


Models are a good place to gather skills and try out ideas.
tinker234 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
well i know how to make a frame sand hook up linner acuaters i need help with the code
OK build the mechanics and come back with pictures so we can see the set up. people here can then best advise you on the next step.

As I said models are a great way to work out the kinks at a low cost and also learn some programming skills.

Lots of information on that area at http://www.picaxe.com look for their PD manuals - free to down load.
tinker234 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
ok YHANKS sorry on my old toshiba computer pice of junk it is i know the assembley part i jut wqanted to check
FoolishSage6 years ago
You want to build an exoskeleton by looking at a 5 minute clip of something that probably took years of r&d to build?
Right. Where to start?
-build a frame with adequate mechanical joints out of an adequate material (sort of like bones but with space for your legs)
-add a way for you to tell the exoskeleton what to do (pressure pads? electrodes picking up nerve impulses?)
-add a way for the exoskeleton to do what you tell it (motors? actuators? pneumatic muscles?)
-find a way to connect the previous two items (cables, hardware and software)

That is as close to a step by step plan as I can get without having first built one myself.

As for D3O try their website to find a local or online supplier of the component you need (www.d3o.com). Notice that the name ends in the letter O and not the number 0, that should help in finding suppliers.
Took years, and was DARPA funded !!!
tinker234 (author)  FoolishSage6 years ago
thanks ill keep it open for later
orksecurity6 years ago
Are you talking about costume, or something that would actually work?

If the latter, I remind you of the exchange from Watchmen:
"The first time I wore it, it broke my arm. Never again."
"That sounds like the kind of costume that could really **** you up."
"Is there any other kind?"
Anything that can deliver enough force to be useful can also deliver enough force to injure you very badly, very quickly. I really don't recommend trying it.
tinker234 (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
i will keep them in mind thanks