finding a best way of design solution?

hi. am finding a best solution for my design.

look at drawing.

there is 4 bars. about 2~3cm long each. their tip is holden on something in middle.

when you pull up right black bar, right gold one will pulled down. "in same degree."

when you pull down left gold bar, left black one will pulled up. "in same degree."
likewise when you pull up two black bar, two gold bars will pulled down. "in same degree."

its not just a normal hinge cause their move will interactive.15 degree up - 15 degree down.

what can be a best (simple, durable, hard) solution?

Picture of finding a best way of design solution?
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rickharris12 days ago

Click on the image for a big view.

Gears on the end of the sticks will do what you want.

Gears reverse movement.


The would also work.

A first class lever also reverses movement.


Doublepostings won't help more...
Why not just link the right black with the left white?

Sung-hyeonY (author)  Downunder35m12 days ago

oh I see. deleted one. sorry.

I want to make each 'side' independently move.

thank you for reply.

Sung-hyeonY (author)  Sung-hyeonY12 days ago

oops. can't delete one.