what is a good add on for firefox that enables touch zoom pinch and that type of stuff for windows firefox version  3.6?

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mikeasaurus7 years ago
pinch/zoom interface is controlled by your conputer touchpad. If you don't have a touchpad that enables pich/zoom finctions then no add-on for any browser will help.

If you have a touchpad, try exhausting the options available in FF under tools.

If you're looking for something to mimic what Apple does with thier displays, then you might want to check out this from Mozilla.

Hope that helps.
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
i already tried ff beta and i have no idea how to enable the multitouch if you know how to that would be great.
For FF4beta gestures you need a touch-sensitive screen

For pinch/zoom gestures without a touch-sensitive screen you need a touchpad mouse, like what most laptops have.
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
i have a touch senstitive screen and nothing is happening
There's some release notes, found here. Check known issues and troubleshooting.

Also, make sure you've enabled gestures etc. in FF4 through the options.

Outside of these solutions, I'd contact the beta 4 team directly.

Hope that helps, good luck.
BIGHAIRYDUDE (author)  mikeasaurus7 years ago
lemonie7 years ago
What is a bad add on for Firefox that enables touch zoom pinch and that type of stuff for windows Firefox version  3.6?
(before I go looking)