flow meter?

how to construct a flow meter to measure the flow of water(or any fluid) at home?
what materials and construction steps are required??

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seandogue3 years ago

It kinda depends on how accurate you want it to be and what resources you have to make one

a simple flowmeter could be built using a light duty dc motor (as a "generator", ie, v-sensor) , a handmade paddle wheel, and a channel within which the water would flow. Alternatively, a paddlewheel, a rotary disk with alternating bands of light and dark and a photo interrupter circuit could be used for the purpose.

If you happen to have a homemade Laser Doppler Anemometer, That could be used as well, presuming the fluid has particulates in it. ;)

What kind of volumetric flow rate are you interested in ? Litres/sec/min/hour ?

Just buy one.


Many of these meters use an impeller with a magnet inside that induces a current in an inductor as the impeller spins. With the right circuit it can convert that into pulses a micro controller can count and do the math to estimate the flow rate.

Which is a viable solution for those of us with money and access to international shipping companies. Many contributors don't have the resources we take foregranted.