for the last month i have been losing water and oil slowly now today i lost compression 2000 tarus?

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in case the first 5 answers don't drive home the answer. I suggest head gasket.
lemonie6 years ago
Head-gasket. Have it replaced.

Have you lost compression on all cylinders ? = head gasket.

Using oil only = piston ring stuck or cracked.

Engine rebuild is in your future plans. Not THAT hard to do, if you have access to the people with the machine tools.

rickharris6 years ago
Head gasket
Your Head Gasket failed, and your motor is totally borked now. When the gasket failed, coolant mixed with the oil and washed the lubrication off the Journals, bearings, cylinder walls,and any other critical moving parts needing continuous lubrication.Since you state you lost compression it sounds like a completely seized motor isn't to far away. You need to replace the motor,or a ground up rebuild or get a new car( very nice!)
Good Luck
Vyger6 years ago
I hope your talking about a car and not yourself.

If it is a car then my first guess is a leaking head gasket. It can be a DIY job to replace one but it does take time and you need a good manual for all those little things that need to be done right.