for zippo lighters can you use regular lighter fluid or butane or do you need a special brand?

Zippo Lighters

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he145033 (author) 5 years ago
well thank you both that was helpful i will try to find them both
Burf5 years ago
Zippo lighters that use lighter fluid can use pretty much any brand of naptha based lighter fluid. Zippo butane lighters can use any butane fuel that will properly fit the fill valve on the lighter.
he145033 (author)  Burf5 years ago
how do you know if it is naptha based?
Burf he1450335 years ago
Every brand of regular lighter fluid I have ever seen was naptha based. I just included that because there may be something out there that I'm not aware of that uses something different. And as Q a says its generally listed on the label. In a pinch I have used gasoline, lacquer thinner and acetone, all worked but they all had major drawbacks, mostly being they are too volatile and smell bad.

Actually, I have used Ronsonol (TM) for my lighters for 30+ years. I haven't smoked for over 22 years, but I still use them from time to time for camping, lighting candles, etc. Zippo brand cost a bit more, so economics drove me there. How to tell what is in them: read the labels. For the liquid version for standard wick style lighters, use one that says "NAPTHA" under the Contents section. Looking at my Ronsonol bottle, that's  what is in there. Says it plain as day. The Butane one will say "Butane". The last one I bought, to fill the "butane charcoal match" came with 5 or 6 different detachable nozzles. At least 1 should fit your application.