free (legal) music?

Where do you go for good, free (legal) music downloads?

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cpennokee7 years ago
I would suggest you can get free music and you can mix it


Bardouv8 years ago
like countable said: I download straight to realplayer. *I AM UNAWARE OF LEGALITY*
Kaiven8 years ago
I like to use Newgrounds Audio Portal. Many, many songs of different genres. Though I think most are made by people like you and me (random peeps on the internetz), I think they can be pretty nice. I especially like to listen to the techno, dance, and electronic songs. When you click on a song and are listening to it, there is a small picture of a zip drive (or floppy disk). Click the image to download the song. I haven't had problems with viruses, and I definitely got over 20 songs. Though that doesn't seem like a whole lot, it's all I have needed to stay satisfied :) The songs are also rated and reviewed, so you can find good songs easier. The only downside is that you cannot download real songs, like let's say a song by Weezer or Linkin Park. Hope this has been helpful :D
Kaiven Kaiven8 years ago
Oh, and if you use the song in for example a video you plan to post on Youtube, you have to give credit to the maker. For example, in my Youtube video, I used a song called Corrosion by Night Hawk22.
gmxx8 years ago
you don't. there is no such thing as free, legal music downloads from one source.

however, some music is public domain like on, and sometimes the bands website or social networking site might have a song...
pfred2 gmxx8 years ago
Actually there is. It is called my record collection and a patch cord from my stereo to my computer. All the music I want, and totally legal too! The RIAA got plenty of my money back when I suppose they were entitled to it. Now times have changed, and they're not making a dime off me anymore! For anything I may not have and want there is always the second hand market for me to get it from. A disc of plastic shouldn't cost more than a buck anyways. Today record companies are the real pirates, stealing a business model that was created over 50 years ago and milking it long past its expiration date. Honest artists would do well to avoid dealing with music industry thugs or suffer guilt by association.
gmxx pfred28 years ago
hint: you bought the records at some point. therefore you own the rights to use the music on the records.
threecheersfornick (author) 8 years ago
Okay, here's my current favourite, if anyone's interested:
pfred28 years ago
Good is subjective and everything is legal until you are convicted and have run out of appeals. I make my own music. Now whether it is good, or should be a crime is debatable. But I'm having fun.

Some links to get you started making your own media:

Who knows? You may be better than you think. Enjoy.
threecheersfornick (author)  pfred28 years ago
dab20001008 years ago
use limewire.its what i use,no pay at all,as long as you download free version
threecheersfornick (author)  dab20001008 years ago
Not necessarilly "legal", though.
countable8 years ago will let you listen to music online. For most songs, they have an mp3 link you can paste into windows media player. Definitely not legal though.