fusing plastic bag question - can you add paper?

when fusing plastic bags to make things, can you add bits of paper to make a design/collage, or will that weaken the fused result?

Kiteman8 years ago
It will probably weaken it slightly, unless the paper is porous enough (and the fusing plastic fluid enough) for them to combine properly as a composite material. That could even end up stronger than the paper-free fused plastic.
I think you can - say you fused 3 plastic layers around the paper, it seals it, but there may be an air -pocket beneath the paper, what do you reckon? good luck.
Good to know. I may have a solution to combining them as a composite, but I want to test it first.

FYI to reader:
According to what I have read, plastic bags melt at 248° F.

As long as you keep that temperature, you don't run the risk of burning any paper (which burns at Fahrenheit 451.)