generator voltage is too high ? any propositions?

i have a generator, that has an exciter capacitor. the capacitor is dead and nothing as usual was written on it? i changed the capacitor by another one (45 microfarad) but the voltage was too high, i tried then 25 microfarad yet it still too high ? nearly the same (264 V) or a little bit less.  any propositions?

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hkassem (author) 5 years ago
thank you for the fast reply.
yes iam trying to get 220 - 230 volts max.
the capacitor is electrolytic one of value to be decided, and handles more than 400 V normally to get the 220 V output.

but lets explain more, in fact without the capacitor connected, the generator turns on but no output voltage at all.

i passed to YANMAR site, and normally all their generators use condensor type regulators, so i guess it is this one.

thanks again guys,
What are you trying to get ?
lemonie5 years ago
If it's for a "kick-up" or sorts I'd say that it needs more capacity than that.

Re-design5 years ago
Smaller caps should make for smaller voltages. What kind of cap are you using? Is your goal 240 volts?
hkassem (author) 5 years ago
sorry, its a condensor type regulation generator,, so the capacitor regulates the output. so, i guess i should decrease my values more ? no ?