glass cutting?

what kind of blade should you use if cutting glass bottles on a wet tile saw ?

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Burf5 years ago
Use a diamond blade made for glass tile. Make sure you're getting plenty of water and move the work slowly while cutting, else you'll get chips and fractures in the glass.
iceng5 years ago
I rather like the score a line and burning string method.
There;s a way with a hot wire too.
+2 Good point
The wire heat will cause the bottle to soften in the score.
Then while still warm, the bottle is thrust into cold water
to pull together the remaining polymer molecule chains
so fast that the stress of the bottle is released through
the scratch causing the break in the glass.
Usually along the score trough.
But a tungsten carbide "diamond" wheel is smoother.
rickharris5 years ago
A diamond impregnated blade

There are several instructables on cutting bottles if you search.