gold silver cleaner ?

hello all, Was at the markets the other day, saw a guy with a neat " trick ", it was a dish of clear fluid and had a piece of alumimium plate about 4" square, when a persons jewerly either gold or silver was submersed { no gloves } and the moment the ring etc touched the ally plate, wallah shiny new looking , no tarnished colours etc.. How The.................does that work, any takers

ChefOrlin8 years ago
This process does remove tarnish but doesn't polish it. It also is reversing the electroplating process which removes silver as well as the tarnish. If you want a great silver cleaner, check out Silvermate liquid silver cleaner: I have used it for several years in my restaurant.
Dr.Bill8 years ago
its called ionic transfer. hot water baking soda super saturated solution combined with any aluminum does just what you saw only a lot cheaper