gopro camera and gunfire?


This question is aimed at anyone who has used a gopro near guns. . . .

If I make a chest or head mount for a gopro hero, to use on a shooting range does anyone know if the gunshots are likely to damage the microphone ?
If not, is the recording likely to sound like a gun shot or will it be just a clipped phut.


It depends on how loud the "noise" is...
Of course at some point the DB level will be too high for a clear recording causing a drop out in audio or audio artefacts but it won't damage the mic.
A good way to prevent a lot of noise that is too loud is to use a silicone tube place on the mic hole.
It will act very directional and filter out a lot of noise coming from the side.
So if the cam is not directly aimed at the rifle the resulting sound level should not be too high.

rickharris2 years ago

I guess you could go onto Youtube and enter Gopro and guns to see what others have done.

FriendOfHumanity (author)  rickharris2 years ago

Doh! I did google around the subject of microphone damage and guns but did not think to try Youtube.

Thanks for your help.