gsmoon scooter 33cc removing piston?

i got the tranny off pull cord off engine is apart but cant get the rest apart to get the piston out can anyone help

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gilbequick5 years ago
Hey guys, I am in need of a new top end for this engine. (cylinder and Piston, and needle bearings). Where can I find this?

Thanks much!!!
lemonie6 years ago

Why? What's wrong with it?

jjollimore (author)  lemonie6 years ago
cant get the flywheel off from the side were the tranny and the pull starter goes

Why do you want to do that, what's the fault?

Burf6 years ago
Remove the cylinder head then the four bolts or nuts from the top of the cylinder and tap around the top of the cylinder with a rubber mallet or a block of wood (take care not to crack or break the aluminum fins) until you feel it break loose from the bottom case. Then with a back and forth twisting motion, lift it off the piston. If it will not come free of the piston you may be able to free it by lifting the cylinder as much as you can and tap the top of the piston. If you still can't free it, then it has seized and you'll be better off replacing the engine than trying to repair it any further.
Vyger6 years ago
If the flywheel is screwed on it might be threaded backwards from the normal. Sometimes revers threads are used to prevent things from unscrewing when they turn opposite of normal threads.

When you take a piston out the rings expand and you will need a special ring compressor in order to get it back into the cylinder. Just in case you didn't know that.
More explaination, as well as some pictures would be very helpful.

If you just need to get the piston off of the con-rod, check for circlips in the end of the holes where the pin goes through the piston, or a bolt in the small end to lock the pin in. Otherwise, the pin should just push out, possibly with gentle heat.