guitar pedals and pedal bords?

what i really mean is how to they all connect into one guitar and 1 amplifeir

Picture of guitar pedals and pedal bords?
pedal board.jpg
pedal board.jpg
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frollard8 years ago
Multiple pedals like that are often 'serial' - one connected to another in a chain.  Guitar comes in one end, and goes out the other end having its waveform modified by the pedals.

Each pedal often has one function - like reverb, and other effects.  The big one in the far right of your picture is probably a 'wah' pedal, which depending on its angle affects the signal differently.  When any pedal is 'on' it interferes with the signal passing through it to do...whatever...When the pedal is OFF it passes the signal through and doesn't affect it.  This feature having tonnes of available filters means you can have heavy distortion, clipping, reverb, and generally rock out pretty hard with lots of fun gadgets.
to clarify:

If you had
-distortion--reverb--clipping- effects pedals in order, and turned on only distortion, you'd get only distortion.
If you turned on the first 2, you'd have distorted, reverbed signal...etc
frollard8 years ago
They sometimes might - I've not purchased any before.  You can definitely buy the patch cables separately from any music(ian) store.

Plug a cord from the last stomp pedal into your amp.

OR be A totaly HOSS like me and buy a v amp wich has pedals IN IT!

frollard8 years ago
That's called a patch cable - its just a very short 1/4 inch mono audio cable.
just buy really small guitar cords and chain them, then plug a normal size one in the "INPUT" of the first one and plug that one into your guitar, plug another normal sized one into your amp. Those look like stomp pedals so just hit them with your foot to turn them off and on.