guitar tabbing program help?

i am currently working on a program for guitar tabs. i can use excel to some degree. i am somewhat experianced in dos and visual basic.i need a way to get it to right a chord on a vertical line. then go back to the top of the next line. i need to be able to do that 32 times. so it would look something like this: |--3 that being the first 3 lines -3--|| |--2 then the program goes to -2--|| |--2 the top and types another chord -2--|| |--0 -0--|| |--1 -1--|| |--0 -0--||

What language are you writing it in? How is it being drawn to the screen? Is this just as a programming exercise? Have you tried using PowerTab or GuitarPro? as general as i can be, i think you will need to have a loop inside a loop. The one on the outside will write accross and the one on the inside writes downward. Sorry if that was unhelpful.
MrMystery96 (author)  insanepotato8 years ago
thanks. i was working on this to give to my dad because he hates typing tabs. i thin k ive solved the problem in excel, but i was wondering, are the programs you mentioned free? do they allow you to write your own tabs? or do you have to buy tabs from them?but again, thanks.
sorry for the tardy response, i was expecting an email from instructables when comments are posted. >_< PowerTab is free, but GuitarPro is not free for tabs go here
hey there um do u know how to play guitar at all?? if you do what songs can u play??