h a any one know some things about bullets?

ok so i have a bullet(no powder) with a spent primer in it and cannot seem to get the primer out,im doing this to get the bullet out although ive done it by hammering a nail into a with no primer i cannot get the primer out its a rifle shell rws.308
and is there a easier way to get the bullet out of the shell,i dont have a kinetic bullet puller and cannot be bothered to buy one for a few shells

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nickitzi7 years ago
You can fill the case with water place a tight fitting dowel into the case neck and give it a swift slap with a mallet the hydraulics will push out the primer.
 Before hitting the thing with a nail and a hammer, heat up the bullet.
roughshod7 years ago
Search Berdan primers.
sarge697 years ago
Put in a nail from where the lead came out of. If this does not work the buttel probably has a safety thing to keep you from removing the primer.
I once decapped a bunch of 9mm brass by using the tip of a round hobby file and a couple light taps with a hammer. You have to go inside the case through the mouth of the case. I also made a couple of 9mm keychains. Basically I needed two bullets for one keychain. I would cut the case away from the bullet on one and the destroy the bullet on the other and glue the two "good" pieces together with super glue. You can usually get a bullet puller for about $14, but I was too cheap to go order one.
caarntedd7 years ago
If you only have a few rounds that need the bullet pulled out, you can do it pretty easily by hand. If you grip it tightly around the case with one hand, you should be able to wiggle the bullet with the other hand until it comes out.
However, some ammo (usually larger or more powerful stuff) has a groove around the bullet that the neck is crimped into to prevent the bullet moving under recoil. These can be removed just as easily using the same method, and gripping the bullet with a pair of pliers. (This will damage the bullet). You must still hold the case in your hand. Do not grip the case with any tools.
Also some military ammo is sealed with a type of varnish which makes the bullet a little harder to remove.

Spent primers are usually removed by pressing them out from the inside of the case through the flash hole. However, some ammo has the edge of the primer pocket rolled over the top of the primer, again to prevent movement. These need to be drilled out. Spent cartridges only. To remove the primer from a live round it must first be fired.
If you wish to reload the empty case, you will need exactly the right size drill bit. If you are using it for any other purpose, close enough is good enough.

To reiterate: don't grip or hit the case of a live round with a tool or hard object, don't try to remove a live primer, and if you must work with live stuff, remove the bullet and powder to minimise lethal damage in a worst case scenario. Don't use power tools, clamps or hammers.

Hope this has helped.
sharlston (author)  caarntedd7 years ago
well the flash hole in my bullet isnt there,theres two tiny holes(pin prick size) on the inside i have insetred a pin and couldnt get it out i bent the pen in half and could get anything thicker in there i tryed drilling it out and couldnt get any further ill put a picturre up later,right now im at school,
any way thanks,
acidbass7 years ago
 well you could pry it out and all you would need is a lot of patience and a couple of small flathead screwdrivers you clamp it donw then you tyr to find the seam that separates the powder chamber from the actual bullet and just do that or you could use a hammer and try to bust it open from the side