hairdryer heatingcoils for small aluminum foundry?

hey guys would it be possible to create a small foundry that is powerfull enough to smelt aluminium cans? i was thinking of building it in a YTONG stone

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timothy demaegdt (author) 4 years ago
i guess i'll just try some ghetto setup as proof of concept first, my backup is using a butane gas torch as heat scource
Well work out how many kW the torch can kick out, and go from there. Electric melting furnaces are possible, just not common.
oldmicah4 years ago
You are going to have to hit about 1220 degrees F. To melt it and I'd be surprised if the coils get that hot. The coils are designed for air to blow past, so if you insulate it, they might overheat. I'm not trying to dissuade you, but have a plan in case it overheats/catches fire. (Unplug it first :)
timothy demaegdt (author)  oldmicah4 years ago
i think i'll do it outside just in case anything catches fire :D but thanks for the tip
rickharris4 years ago
Can't see it will get hot enough or be robust enough if it does.

Your going to need Very good insulation.
This does not sound too outlandish.

Although I suggest you look up some numbers for professionally made electric kilns, and see if you can get a feel for how much electric power (in kilowatts) is being used to heat how much volume, and also how thick the walls are .

I think the walls of electric kilns are made from something generically called "firebrick", which is a refractory material that is also filled with little air bubbles.  So it is also lightweight and a good insulator.

Strangely, I have never seen YTONG(r) blocks in my country, here in the Former United States (FUS), so I had to look that one up.

And I dunno, ytong kinda looks it might be refractory.  Maybe you should try putting some electric heating coils inside one, and try to make it hot and see what happens.
From HAIRdryer parts????