hard shelled side bags?

i need a pair of side bags for my 86 Honda that will hold my laptop without risking busting it if i put my bike down.  if anybody has any ideas on how to build a set id love to here it.

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onrust7 years ago
Why not use a cargo rack? If you crash..... you crash.....period!
abadfart (author)  onrust7 years ago
i have a rack but i need something that will protect my computer in a 40mph wreck on the road
onrust abadfart7 years ago
You seem to comfortable that your going to crash. I say purchase a high impact plastic cargo box.......and please, try not to crash!
abadfart (author)  onrust7 years ago
i have been riding for 4 years and i have seen many stupid drivers and it is likely that i will put my bike down avoiding some moron in a F350 that merges without checking there blind spot
onrust abadfart7 years ago
caarntedd7 years ago
How about recycling/modifying an old briefcase?
Or a very small suitcase. Always easier to get someone else to do the fiberglass/plastic work for you. I'm not sure I'd trust a briefcase to stay latched or to be rain-resistant... but it could be modified to improve those factors.
Absolutely. I made the closure of my saddlebags on my motor cycle more secure with old leather belts.
orksecurity7 years ago
Standard solution would be a hard-shell pannier or back-rack box -- fiberglass, possibly reinforced, with padding inside.to try to absorb impact. There are a number of instructables that describe how to work with fiberglass. The hard part is designing mounting hardware and figuring out how you're going to get an adequate water barrier around the lid.