has anyone used the sparkfun tiny avr programmer to program an atmega chip?

I know that in the documentation it specifically says that you can program an atmega chip with it; however, I don't know how I would go about it. can I program it through the arduino IDE like I can with the attiny85? if so, where would I get the files for it (I had to get specific files for the attiny85 chip)? where would I connect the wires (the hookup guide shows a connection points that are nonexistent on the actual chip)?

sorry if these questions are simple. I'm currently blundering and flailing into the world of AVR microcontrollers and need all the help I can get.

Which ATmega?

The pins are there the names are different.

This is a Arduino programmer for the ATmega8.


There are programming examples in the datasheets and you can get the data sheets for the ATmega here:

Let’s try this again the link didn’t work the first time.