has someone an idea of how i can reuse - recycle and old playstation and/or playstation 2?

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iceng5 years ago
Bunch of usable electronics, what fun inside for a gatherer, but that's
just low level stuff.

For the long view.............. Hang on to it for the next sixty years and it will
be worth a lot of Euros after the others have been ravaged and lost..

Or maybe it would be considered junk because of the newer products they will make.
I think he's thinking for something along the lines of the old Nintendo consoles which are now considered valuable because they're rare.
jbaker225 years ago
Put playstation linux on the ps2. Selling it on amazon is an option too.
gabbico92 (author)  jbaker225 years ago
Hi jbaker22!
If you can tell me how i can put linux on the ps2, i will be very glad!
Thank you
bwrussell5 years ago
There are lots of hacks and mods for old consoles. They can be turned into portable game systems, the cases can be used to house lots of different things (amps, safes, etc)., and lots of other things. Poke around the site a little and you'll find a lot stuff.