have to push dc motor to get it started when using l298n?

i have the l298n h-bridge hooked up to my dc motor and when i apply a pwm to the enable pin i have to push the wheels to get it started but after that it works fine unless the motor stops because i lowered the pwm then i have to push the wheels again if i want to up the pwm. any ideas why its doing this?
I bought it from here.

rickharris6 months ago

You don't say how much current the motor draws on start up - It is possible your exceeding the 3 amps peak current the L298N can supply and causing it to current limit.

The motor will draw much less current when moving.

iceng6 months ago

Do you know how to recognize a best answer ?

petercd7 months ago

What kind of gearing are you using?

Another option is to increase the frequency of the pwm signal.

bwrussell7 months ago

I'm guessing one of two things, which really are sort of one thing. Either the weight and its distribution on the wheels is simply greater than the stall torque of the motor or the voltage to the motor is lower than spec and thus the stall torque is being artificially dropped.