heat shrink tubing on vacuum power cord?

the insulation on my vacuum cleaner power cord has been stripped (due to the wheels running over it many times), I want to put heat shrink tubing over it,  how can i do that because the tubing does not fit over the plug on the end??

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iceng6 years ago
Wrap it with shrink tape and then shrink it.
I have ruined, repaired-many-gouges and replaced my cord.
Now, I have finally learned to pay attention to it :-)

Larry Breed6 years ago
Use a piece of Silicon Fusion Tape. You stretch it to activate it; then when you wrap it over itself it cures or "fuses" overnight, full cure 24 hrs.
embochner (author)  Larry Breed6 years ago
thanks ill look into it
verence6 years ago
You could:
a) cut of the plug, fix the cable and install a new plug.
b) open the casing, unfix the cable inside the casing, fix it and remount everything.
c) same as b) but replace the cable with a new one.

I'd recommend option c) as a botched cable is a disaster waiting to happen. If the vacuum is one of the kind that stores the cable internally (on a spring loaded drum), the fixed cable might not be rolled up easily.
embochner (author)  verence6 years ago
thanks for your answers--- id prefer not to cut the cable or the plug, if i open a peice of tubing and then put it around the cable and shrink it, will the srhink tubing stay?
embochner (author) 6 years ago
Is there a difference between heat shrink tubing and heat shrink tape?
iceng embochner6 years ago
Yes,  No hole :-)

Both are irradiated materials that reduce their dimensions when heated.

But I used good old plastic electrical tape.

If you still hung on shrink tube,  take  verence's  option (b)..
embochner (author)  iceng6 years ago