hello i have a 50 volt 4700 uf capacitor, so how long would it need charging from a 9v battery to shock someone?

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rub3n (author) 5 years ago
So what about transformers, are there any ones with 4 pins? For the battery input and the output and stuff?
rub3n (author) 5 years ago
So would a pc power supply have a capacitor with a high voltage that could shock someone without a transformer
lemonie5 years ago
The only way you shock people with 9V batteries is by putting them on a wet-tongue. See if the capacitor will do the same.

Be aware that capacitor discharges are quite capable of killing, if you get the voltages and/or the discharge resistance wrong.
framistan5 years ago
That capacitor will only withstand 50 volts. The 9 volt battery can only charge the capacitor to 9 volts. So 9 volts will not give a shock. Even if you charged the capacitor to 50 volts, thats about a minimum voltage to feel it. What you really need is a small transformer. That wiil boost the voltage up, but you don't get something for nothing... you get more VOLTS but amperes are reduced.