hello there people,,,could any of you guide me on straightening bamboo poles,,,

,they are 1/2 inch thick and unsplit...air dried for 6 weeks now...do i need to soak them in water before heating them on gas flame???? i need to make my custom fishing pole and i am from india?   well i forever tried to have my own fishing pole with a reel...all handmade,,,i made  a reel already...just need to make that pole...i tried straightening a piece but ended up scorching it

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I don't know about bamboo specifically, but have you thought of steam (un) bending ? Find a metal tube that you can stand the bamboo in, and pass HOT steam into the chamber for an hour or so. The wood should become VERY pliable.. I'd pull it out, and then put the piece under some high tension until its cooled and dried.

Just a thought.
+1 Bamboo steam bends very well. I don't think that you will be as successful with dry heat.

To be honest bamboo fishing poles are made by splitting the bamboo into thin slivers and the gluing and tying them together. This is what gives the slim bamboo pole such strength and yet flexibility. To just use a straightened piece of bamboo can work, but your not getting the strength ability to get bigger fish. I've had some old poles and they are really cool when you look at how they are made.  Try looking at this and good luck fishing.
Is that how you avoid the little lumps on the bamboo ? Presumably they're weak spots ?
Actually you cut the strips into triangle kind of shapes and everything is shaved smooth. The bumps being the weak spot I don't know about. I would think that would be stronger just because there is more mass there, but I could be wrong.