helloi want to desing a emg working prosthetic arm 1st problem is how to capture emg data.plz fing solution?

I want to desing a emg working prosthetic arm. 1st problem is how to capture emg data.(means circuit for sensor,placement of sensor)
plz fing solution?

orksecurity6 years ago
Uhm... You're the one who wants to design it. First step is to do the basic research to understand the technology you want to use. There are lots of resources on the web, in your local library, and so on. And if you live near a Federal Repository Library, they will have copies of every patent every approved; doing your own patent search isn't fast but isn't hard, and will tell you a lot about how people have done this in the past.

(There are online patent databases, but I haven't seen one that's really organized well for doing this sort of exploration.)

If you have specific questions about details of the design, it's worth asking here to see if anyone can offer tips. If you're asking us to find "solutions" for you, you're asking _US_ to design it. Sorry, but it's your project, not ours.
rickharris6 years ago
Not enough information in your question - try reading this