help led driver?

ok so i have 3 leds in series but in total i have 4 sets of these. the ma is 20 and the volts is 3.4 or 3.6 on the led and i want to run it at 12 volts with 6800ma. what i want to do is build a driver to regulate them so they wont burn out fast. so i want to know how to build one and what i need.

lemonie6 years ago

Why do you want to pump >80 watts through 12 LEDs? - You don't want to run it at 12 volts with 6800ma at all, you mean that your 12V supply says it's good for 6.8A.
See here:
You'd be OK with that result


rickharris6 years ago
Tha'ts 6.8 amps - They will burn out - Fast! See here For LED resistor and driving information