help me to create a simple dc circuit

anyone help me to create a simple dc voltage converter circuit..?(ONLY CIRCUIT DIAGRAM)
input of circuit  :  4.8v (1.2v X 4 rechargeable cell )  or 6v (1.5v X 4 dry cell)
output of circuit  :  5v 350mA.
#.....do not use IC chip.
#.....you can select input battery(voltage) selector swich.

for my next instructable, you must help me.....

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Add 1 more battery to your schematic and use an LM7805 to regulate the voltage down to 5V. Otherwise have a look at the Minty Boost and see how they use a pair of AA batteries to supply 5V over a USB connection.
aravind r p (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
can you draw the circuit diagram with 5 battery and LM7805 ?
minty boost is using ic
verence4 years ago
To answer your question, you have to specify, what you mean by 5V.
- Is it 5V +/-20% like for an analogue circuit?
- Is it 5.0V +/-5% like for a TTL/µC circuit?
- Or is it 5.00V +/-0.01% like for an ultra high precise voltage reference?
The needed circuits vary tremendously.
aravind r p (author)  verence4 years ago
very simple circuit for charging a cell (nokia)
5V +/- 20% (analogue)
You have to use a chip