help me with this morrowind glitch (bad one)?

i seem to have gotten myself stuck in a rut in morrowind. i have the tribunal +bloodmoon version for PC and i was playing around with it and i decided to become a mage. that didnt go along to well becuase all of the spells i have bought show up with a 0% chance of working... ive been using god mode (TGM) for a while but its anoying me, any ideas on how to fix it?

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I rechecked Morrowind.

For a mage, just starting out at level 1, you should have a magic rating of 90. This is enough to do lots of spells.

I found that even at my game level of 70, my magic level is only 150 and I can do most but not all spells. However, I rely mostly on enchanted rings and weapons for magic. It gives me a lot more flexibility.

The next game I want to try is Oblivion.

GnomeMaster (author)  ShutterBugger7 years ago
no I mean that the spells say this 7/0 zero being the percent chance of the spell being successful
It sounds like your character needs a rest. Find a bed and choose “Sleep until healed”. That should return your magic level to normal. Or, drink a “Fortify Magic” potion and see if you can do a spell. After drinking a potion, I had enough magic to summon a Golden Saint and take her to dinner :-).

stale567 years ago
You might want to level up in the skill that the spells use.

If you want to raise your chances with a Restoration Spell, then talk to one of the guys that raise your Restoration skill.

You can easily find some people by going on  => Morrowind Tab on the left side => Scroll down to 'World Information", then click on 'Services' => Trainer

Then it has a list of all the trainers, so you can raise the skill of your choice, which should (in theory) raise the chance of a successful spell.

And Scrolls are always nice.
I have not played Morrowind for a while. Not since I kicked Dagoth Ur's butt.

As I recall, you have to have some level of magic and that amount increases at each new level. Even at my 19th level, there were some spells that I didn't have enough magic for.

I wish I could send you my last game save. You may like it.

They have a forum on their web site, don't they? Try that!