help setting up picaxe 08m download circuit.

help!... i have all my resistors set up, power set up ,drivers installed dont know what to do

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AndyGadget6 years ago
More detail needed here - Do you have the programming resistors in the circuit as shown in manual 2, page 27?  Are you using the AXE027 programming lead or some other lead?  What is the circuit you're building?

Programming is only a matter of pressing F5 in the Programming Editor once everything else is in place.  (You have downloaded the Programming Editor from the Rev-Ed site, haven't you?)
tom10122 (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
I have the programming editor and i know BASIC language , i use a serial to usb cable ,i'm trying to buil the circuit to download the program on to the chip
If you have a serial output port you can go direct serial to the Picaxe - i do - Look at their manuals for the wiring.
tom10122 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
i dont have a serial port i think, i have an port to send out to a external source, but instead of 2 rows of holes this one has 3
What are you connected to at the PC - A USB OR a 9 pin com port?

The Picaxe connector may be either a 3 mm jack socket - like an audio socket or a 3 pin molex connector. there are pictures of them both in manual 1 on their web site.

i still say get a decent photo and attack the forum for more positive help.

Is the serial lead the official Rev-Ed AXE027 or is it a different USB to serial adaptor?  Some other makes do not work for programming the Picaxe.
The minimal programming circuit (the two resistors) is shown in manual 1 (not 2 as I said above) page 27 and once you have the serial lead connected to this you can run the diagnostics in the Programming Editor :-
Select View / Options / Serial Port, and make sure you have the correct port selected.  Then click 'show serial port tools' and 'test port' and follow the instructions there.  This checks the levels on the programming pins.

rickharris6 years ago
By far your best bet is the picaxe forum. really friendly. ther is also a wealth of information on their site and in the PDF manuals - 1 2 and 3.

Basically if all is set up an well. You write a programme in the Programme editir and then select RUN from the menu bar at the top. if all is good a loading bar will appear and your PC will talk to the Picaxe.
tom10122 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
i get the loading bar but then it says hardware not found
There is a procedure to test the download link - go to their web site and search for it.

Double and TRIPPLE check you have got the download resistors right (this is a common fault)

take a GOOD picture of what you have and post on the forum site.

Check your com port is correct

Are you using a picaxe download cable.
iceng6 years ago
Go to the micro chip site for help.
Learn to program, make a hex file, program your pic, use it.