help with custom psp themes?

hi everybody. recently, i went online and got a psp xmb icon editor (sorta thing) heres the english manual:
the problem is, that i cant get any custom icons into it! it always gives me a error message saying that im using the incorrect file type. i have tried to make these png or tga icons in multiple image manipulation programs, such as: GIMP 2.6, photo impression 4, icofx, mspaint and dxtbmp. the only thing i havent tried is the thing mentioned in the manual: adobe photoshop. i dont have the money to buy it, and there are no free versions i know of. how can i get this to work? someone PLEASE HELP!

It doesn't make sense that Adobe would create a different PNG than GIMP or any other program. So, that beats me. Took a look at the manual: Have you been paying attention to the different pixel sizes for each of the different icons? That seems important.
zack247 (author)  LegoBrickMaster77 years ago
i got a memory stick to try it with and this is the result. i made a custom theme and for being made in mspaint i think it looks pretty good
zack247 (author)  LegoBrickMaster77 years ago
the main row icons are something wierd, i think 256 colors, 32 bit. i dont get it. i got it to import my custom icons, but without a memory stick, i cant test if i got transparency. i used mspaint though. first i saved it as a 256 bitmap, and then as a png. it loaded itnto the thene creator. and i guess even if thers no transparency, i can still get creative