help with knife making/aesthetics ?

hi im planning on making a knife as soon as i get all my materials together and the time to actually make it. while there are a number of great instructables on knife making i was wondering if anyone knew the best way to colour the blade ? i want a matte black finish on the blade with as little light reflection as possible ive attached a picture of a knife with the same finish as what i want. (obviously i dont want a kitchen knife though lol) any ideas will be aprecitated.
Thanks !
              curious youth

Picture of help with knife making/aesthetics ?
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canucksgirl5 years ago
Here's a product that does exactly what your looking to do and is safe to use. They are in the UK, but you may be able to find a similar product near your home (or order online).
curious youth (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
thanks for the quick response !
it looks like a great idea but do you have any experience with it ? like do you know how it wear and how hard it is to scratch off or if it affects the knifes ability to hold an edge ? cos websites can say a million and one things about a product but i like to know how it goes. especially on a student budget i dont really have the money to waste
Well the process of Parkerizing is quite durable. I don't have any experience myself with the products, but my family has and the coating lasts.

Here's an online source I found. The knife was tested and abused, many photos taken, so you can judge for yourself.
curious youth (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
ok thanks a load for your help
Ya, no problem. If you need more help, leave this question open, otherwise mark a best answer so it shows up as "answered" on the main page. - Good luck. :)
curious youth (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I might leave it open for a week just ti see if anyone has other ideas. but yours will definately my best answer
Its not ACTUAL Parkerising BTW
I realize I used the term loosely. I wouldn't recommend a DIY project involving heated phosphoric acid, especially to someone named "curious youth". ;)

The method I recommended is referred to as "cold parkerizing" (or referenced as "similar to parkerizing") but uses a black oxide solution that is not only safe but provides a finish that is durable (but arguably not as durable to parkerizing).

But yes, you are correct, not actual parkerizing. :)
My experience of cold-blacking is it isn't terribly durable, but its not bad.

I haven't however practiced by stabbing a plastic bucket repeatedly, like your link did :-O

Ya that demo was overkill... but at least for the price of the cold method, you get more than enough to recoat a knife down the road if it starts to wear away from some bucket stabbing fun. :P
yes, its a nice process. Dead easy to apply, and essentially lasts forever.

No pun intended, huh? ;)
Similar products are also available at most gun shops and hunting supply retailers. Just ask for a Cold Parkerizing kit.