hexagonal box design?

Looking for tips for efficient design of wooden hexagonal boxes, bottoms, and lids.  Jewelry boxes, canisters, etc.  How to clamp for glue or air brads - I'm thinking a hexagonal jig, but that's potentially a lot of jigs for different-size boxes.

Wi116 years ago
I made an Instructable on how to make a simple but cool looking round jewelry box right here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Snazzy-Wooden-Jewelry-Box/
aeray7 years ago
"band" clamps are cheap and work well. An even cheaper method that I use frequently is blue masking tape. Lay out the parts on a flat surface, tape together, glue, and then "fold" the box together. If you are careful with the initial alignment, the joints come out quite tight, and if you are bradding them as well the brads can then be shot right through the tape.
The clamps only need to cover the corner of the joint, not a whole side. Steve